Bachelor … and Baby!

Bachelor … and Baby!

"MacKenzie’s Baby"

A bundle of adorable fun is about to drop into each of these bachelor’s lives… 

MacKenzie’s Baby by Anne McAllister

He wanted to be a father! Unfortunately, the mother he’d chosen had ditched him. And now city boy Carter MacKenzie had escaped to Vermont to lick his wounds. – The two kids next door welcomed Carter, but it was their shapely mother who’d caught his attention. Annabel Archer and Carter were as different as a skyscraper and a saltbox, but around this country girl Carter enjoyed the simple life, and was starting to believe he’d actually found his family…Until one morning a high-pitched wail broke the bucolic silence and Carter found himself face-to-basket with a baby on his doorstep!

The Cowboy and His Baby by Sherryl Woods

A year and a half ago Melissa made a mistake that cost the single mother her one true love – and her baby girl a father. Now Texas rancher Cody Adams was back, shocked to discover he was a parent – and determined to make Melissa her wife. But Melissa didn’t just want a marriage of convenience.