Love in the City

Love in the City

Marriage in Peril by Miranda Lee

Brooke is happily married to wealthy Italian Leonardo Parini…until she overhears a conversation suggesting Leo was once in love with his late brother’s wife. At first Brooke can’t believe her handsome husband could betray her, but soon she has heartbreaking proof…

Dare she believe her heart or should she believe the ugly rumors surrounding her husband? Brooke decides to save her marriage! Not by confronting Leo with her suspicions, but by giving him all he wants in bed!

Merger by Matrimony by Cathy Williams

After living all her life in the jungle of Panama, Destiny is on her way to London to claim her inheritance — a business worth millions!

Flung from the jungle of Panama into a city jungle, Destiny feels lost, self-conscious, and out of her depth in the world of international business. Especially as her company has a predator — handsome, ruthless tycoon Callum Ross. He’s determined to own her company; she won’t sell. So he has a proposal for her — merger by matrimony!

The Inconvenient Bride by Anne McAllister

Dominic Wolfe — one of the sharpest young tycoons in New York City — should have known that one night of great sex was no basis for a marriage. But it wasn’t his head Dominic was thinking with when he asked Sierra Kelly to be his convenient wife!

Sierra wasn’t thinking with her head either, but with her heart. She was determined to teach him that there was more to life than meetings and mergers, and soon Dominic was wondering just how convenient she was! Could it be this hardheaded businessman