Luxury Escapes

Luxury Escapes

"Hired By Her Husband"

A Mistake, A Prince And A Pregnancy — Maisey Yates

An IVF clinic mix-up means eternally single Alison Whitman is now carrying the child — no, the royal heir — of Maximo Rossi, Prince of Turan! 

Tradition is high on the Prince’s agenda, and he’ll never stand for an illegitimate heir. Alison is about to find out that royal marriage is a command, not a choice!

Hired By Her Husband — Anne McAllister

Once, Sophy and George Savas were happily married…. Then Sophy realised that her blissful marriage was a sham. She’s never looked back — until the day she learns her husband has been critically injured, and her world is shaken…

George knows Sophy won’t come willingly, so he hires her to be his wife for as long as he needs her! But playing happy families is dangerous, and soon George realises that his need for Sophy runs deep and strong…

Captured And Crowned — Janette Kenny

Demetria Andreou has only a few hours of freedom left! Playboy prince Kristo Stanrakis must take his brother’s place as King of Angyra — and he’s planning to take Demetria, his brother’s fiancee, for his queen. The arrogant king’s contempt for his reluctant bride is only matched by his burning desire to finish what they started…