With This Ring

With This Ring


Menu for a Wedding by Bobby Hutchinson

Laurie Chase-Spenser arranges the most beautiful wedding bouquets in St. Louis. But meeting videographer Jeff Remington makes her absolutely wilt. He comes too close to discovering her secret.

Father of the Bride by Barbara Delinsky

Cynthia Bauer dreads seeing Russ Shaw after their scandalous divorce years earlier. Yet Russ is determined to give his only daughter away.. . . Encountering his ex-wife again is a bonus.

Say it with Flowers by Bethany Campbell

At twenty-six, Francesca Granatelli is considered the spinster of the family! Wedding caterer Eric Thorpe is ready to change her status. But Frankie’s career comes first–who has time to be a wife and mother, too?

Marry-Go-Round by Anne McAllister

Bridesmaid Annie D’Angelo can’t stand being in the same room with usher Jared Flynn–never mind walking up the aisle! But each has agreed to play a part in the wedding. That isn’t hard–Anne and Jared are actors–yet the pain each feels is real.