About the Series

Imagine what would happen if you wrote a romance and the man on your cover — your hero! — turned up on your doorstep!

That's the sort of thing Anne thinks about when she's staring at a blank screen! So she just sort of imagined what would happen when one did — and wrote IMAGINE about how Frances Moon's life changed when Jack Neillands appeared.

But then Jack had a friend called Carter, and Carter fell in love with Diane. But Nick was already in love with Diane. And if Nick got Diane, Carter had to have a love of his own. Anne — and a whole lot of readers — figured that out.

So then there was Annabel. And her kids. And a baby. And a goat. Carter got more than he expected in that book.

There were a couple of anthologies, too. One about what happened at Nick and Diane's wedding and another that took place back in Boone's Corner, Vermont several years later when Lucy Potter accidentally took Holt Braxton home for Christmas.

Anne is very glad Boone's Corner is still there. She never knows when a small Vermont town will come in handy!

The middle book in the IMAGINE series, I THEE WED, was reprinted as a part of a two-fer in MARRY ME . . . MAYBE? in 2004.

Imagine by Anne McAllister

Imagine Book 1

I Thee Wed by Anne McAllister

I Thee Wed Book 2