About the Series

Anne is not a big city girl, but if she had to pick a city to live in, there's no question which she'd pick — NEW YORK! As different as it might seem from "mainstream America" it embodies much of the American spirit — it's vital, strong, diverse, colorful.

The whole city hums with an energy that exists nowhere else. And the energy rubs off on the people who live there or grew up there — Finn MacCauley, Sam Fletcher, Gibson Walker and Rhys, Dominic and Nathan Wolfe — who meet challenges head on, who know how to get what they want and do whatever they need to do.

It's a city that can be a little bit daunting, too. Izzy isn't sure if she's up to the challenge — of New York and of Finn. Josie, safe and settled in Dubuque, has no desire to leave home. But Sam's life is there, and wherever Sam goes, she'll take the risk. And Chloe — well, Chloe wants that one magical summer. A small town girl with big beautiful dreams, Chloe doesn't want New York forever, just for the moment — until she meets Gibson.

Chloe's neighbor Rhys has his hands full when Chloe moves out and Mariah Kelly moves back in. He and Mariah have been friends for a long time. But then one night something happens between them...and suddenly Rhys's world is turned upside down. Not long afterwards, his tough businessman brother Dominic has his own world turned upside down by Mariah's free-spirited purple-haired sister, Sierra.

Nathan Wolfe, Rhys and Dominic's brother, never spent much time in New York after growing up there. The free-wheeling photographer saw the whole wide world as his home. To call him "footloose" would be mild. But Dominic has news for Nathan — news that sends him to the small Bahamian island of Pelican Cay — and a confrontation with Carin Campbell. He has a lot of questions, first and foremost, "Why didn't you tell me you'd had my child?" Nathan and Carin's story bringst them to New York, too, where they have to confront the past and each other. Like I said, in New York there's always a lot going on!