Pelican Cay

Pelican Cay

About the Series

Sand and sea and sun are three of the main ingredients of paradise to Anne's way of thinking. She hasn't quite figured out how to get the cowboy and the horse to the Caribbean, but she's working on it.

In the meantime she's delighted to share Pelican Cay with a soccer goalkeeper turned entrepreneur, a devil-may-care charter pilot, and a Spanish playboy — not to mention the women who get to tame them!

Pelican Cay first appeared in some of Anne's earlier Presents novels and figured prominently in the lives of all of the Wolfe brothers in her New York! New York! mini-series By the time she finished writing NATHAN'S CHILD and was in the middle of yet another northern winter writing about Caribbean sea breezes, she found herself longing to go back for an extended period of time. Writing about Lachlan, Hugh and Molly McGillivray has given her the opportunity to spend a whole vicarious year there.

Now she's finished, but every day she wants to pack up her flippers and her sun screen and go back in person! For the moment, though, she's going to have to settle for living through Lachlan and Fiona, Hugh and Sydney, and Joaquin and Molly!

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