Marry Sunshine

Marry Sunshine

Book 4: Quicksilver Series


It didn’t seem like the sort of thing Austin would have forgotten! He was as shocked as anyone to discover that his marriage to Clea Bannister all those years ago was still in tact. But now that he knew it, he wasn’t at all unhappy. In fact, being married to Clea sounded like a great idea.

Pity Clea didn’t share his enthusiam. She was appalled. For one thing, she was on the verge of marrying another man. A sane, steady, sensible man — a man completely unlike Austin.

Austin thought it was a joke. Clea did not. She wanted things straightened out right now. So when Austin announced he liked being married to her and intended to stay that way, she was furious. That was carrying the joke way too far!

Reprinted as part of the Here Comes the Grooms series.