The Tanner Brothers

The Tanner Brothers

About the Series

The second cowboy Anne ever fell in love with was Jess Harper played by Robert Fuller on Laramie.  Stubborn, hard-headed, honorable (not to mention gorgeous) men who are too noble for their own good tend to appeal to her.  Thus Robert Tanner, oldest of the Tanner brothers, was born. He was, an editor once said, "a died-with-his-boots-on" sort of cowboy.  Well, yes.

Tanner (no one called him Robert except his mother) was was followed by Luke, whose hot-headedness was legendary, and by Noah, who never met a woman he couldn't charm.  

The three of them began a series of books that became The Code of the West.  These three have been updated and reissued. The others will follow.

Cowboy Pride

Cowboy Pride Book 5