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Hope you are having a great fall -- or spring if you are on the other side of the world!

Hired by Her Husband, has been re-released down under as one of the books in Luxury Escapes. So if you missed it, you have another chance.

Last Year's Bride will be coming in a boxed set of electronic books starting August 1st called Summer Escapes. Watch for it. Lots of great books in the set -- and a terrific bargain.

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Last Year's Bride

It's for the ranch. It's your duty. A man does his duty, always.

The ranch always came first, over personal comfort, sometimes reason and definitely women. Cole's father had seen both his wives walk away, dismissing them as hot-house city girls who couldn't survive the wilds of rural Montana. So how had Cole ended up making a spur-of-the-moment marriage last year in Reno to TV director Nell, who was as city as they came? Nell was prepared to give it all up to be with Cole. But he knew how it would end: as it had always ended before...

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The Virgin's Proposition

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