New Year’s Resolution: Family

New Year’s Resolution: Family

"Never Say Never"

This heartwarming collection of three new contemporary stories rings in the New Year with contributions from Anne McAllister, Barbara Bretton and Leandra Logan. Don’t miss these terrific stories about three determined women with families on their minds!

Never Say Never by Anne McAllister

No marriage. No family. It was the one thing Holt and Lucy agreed on. Until this New Year’s… when one snowstorm, two grandparents, three children and a dog with galoshes started proving what everybody else knew all along: that families know best! 

3,2,1 … Baby! by Barbara Bretton

Tony and Kate were the biggest mismatch in town and everybody knew it. Everyone, that is, except their families. So how did Kate end up pregnant with Tony’s baby, but the dad was nowhere to be found? Kate was determined to go it alone, till the Marinos and the O’Callaghans decided to take matters into their own hands…. 

Mother Figure by Leandra Logan

Jayne knew widower Nick Nolan was the perfect “no-strings” playmate. Hadn’t they gotten a little crazy together at the office Christmas party? Such shenanigans could get her fired! Then, to her horror, her boss insisted she play mom to Nick’s kids for the holidays. Right under their sexy dad’s nose!